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Lan & Marc-Andre’s Beautiful Fall Wedding

Almost all brides want to get married in the summer, that’s just a fact. It’s always fun for us when anView full post »

Valerie & Wayne’s Rustic-Chic Wedding

What’s the perfect combination for a rustic-chic wedding? Start with a gorgeous sunflower-focused bouquet, addView full post »

Tips from the Photographer: How to Get the Best Wedding Photos

On a day full of planning, running around and life-changing “I Do” moments, the last thing you want to beView full post »

Sandrine & Chafic: A Gorgeous Wedding at Château Vaudreuil

One of the most beautiful reception locations in Montreal is the glamorous Château Vaudreuil. Stunning chandeliers, aView full post »

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Guest Post: How to Choose Wine For Your Reception (The Ultimate Guide)

Lucky us! We have a guest post by Yash Kahn today – an expert on wine, cheese and everything delicious. Learn allView full post »

The Other “I Do” – Deciding on a Wedding Dress (The Ultimate Guide)

Deciding on a wedding dress can be one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process. After gleefullyView full post »

Marlee & Carl’s Wedding Party of a Lifetime

Marlee and Carl teamed up with Sky Entertainz to plan the perfect wedding party (I mean…*ahem*View full post »

Let’s Elaborate on How to Find Your Wedding Photographer

It’s been a while since I offered advice on how to choose the best wedding photographer, and since then myView full post »

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Marina & Olivier’s Elegant Wedding in the Old Port of Montreal

There’s something really magical about the Old Port in the summertime. The air is warm with the perfect amount ofView full post »

Trending Now: Hot Wedding Themes and Ideas for 2015 & 2016

Want to be “on-point” this wedding season when making your final choices? Here are some hot wedding themesView full post »

People Are in Love With La V Image (And it’s Mutual!)

The most important thing to our company is whether or not the bride and groom are happy with the photos we’veView full post »

Gen & Lee: A Romantic Fall Wedding

Falling leaves and whimsical veils – sounds like the perfect recipe for a wedding! Taken by: Vera Varley //View full post »

Wedding Details You Can’t Afford to get Wrong

Every bride wants to have the most spectacular wedding possible – impressive, comfortable and most of all fun.View full post »

Erika & Ivan’s Intimate Montreal Wedding

Sigh, young love. Being a Montreal-based photography company, La V image is lucky to get to take photos of weddings inView full post »

Selma & Carl: A Fairytale Themed Wedding with a Twist

Anyone who saw Selma on her wedding day would tell you she looked like a princess, no, a queen! Her Ines DiView full post »

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This is What an Industry Expert’s Wedding Looks Like

Imagine working with weddings as a profession, and then finally your special day comes around. This was the reality forView full post »

Rain on Your Wedding Day: What if?

Ah yes, the dreaded rainy wedding: smeared makeup, fallen up-dos and crying babies. That’s the ‘rain onView full post »

Picking Favorites: The Importance of Having a Wedding Theme (Part Two)

Note: This is the second in a two-part series. If you want to read or review the first, you can do so here. Now thatView full post »

You Can’t Have it All: The Importance of Having a Wedding Theme (Part One)

Note: This is the first in a two-part series. Next week we’ll look at how to select a theme that works forView full post »

5 Ways to Keep Calm on Your Wedding Day

It’s no secret that committing yourself to a lifetime with another person can be nerve-wracking. It can feelView full post »

“Love is the Key to Our Hearts”: Sonia & Frank

A beautiful ring, a “Rolls Royce Princess” and stunning flower arrangements by Creations FloralesView full post »

Pamela & Carl: A Wedding Gown Designed by the Bride

Where to begin with such a fantastic wedding! From a truly unique layer cake, to a one-of-a-kind wedding dress designedView full post »

Olia & Andrey: A Beautiful Sunny Wedding

There’s one thing you aren’t the boss of on your wedding day, and it’s what mother nature has plannedView full post »

Laurie & Patrick: A Beautiful Wedding by the Water

Cream and pastel blue were their themes and wow did it suit them! Laurie and Patrick looked like the handsome coupleView full post »

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Alesya’s Stunning Photos on PWPC

One of the photographers of La V image has placed in one of the most competitive photo competitions for weddingView full post »

Behind the Scenes with La V image

La V image has added a brand new page to our website! We wanted to share the day to day experiences and show you whatView full post »

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Laura & Gianni: A Salsa Wedding!

Who would’ve thought you could meet “The One” in a dance class? When Laura and Gianni were paired upView full post »

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Julie & Mathieu: Bring the Kids!

Not everyone thinks of kids when they think about wedding, but Julie and Mathieu wanted to make sure to incorporateView full post »

lavimage wedding photography vera varley alesya kornetskaya outdoor wedding

Evelyn & James: An Outdoor Wedding Full of Heart

Regardless of whether you affiliate with one particular religion, there is no denying there is a classic feel to aView full post »

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An Exciting Day for La V Image

Wedding Photography, Done Right La V Image is so proud of our very own Vera Varley for placing in the Q3 2014View full post »

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Ashley & Anthony: Lucky in Love

Sometimes you just get lucky! When Anthony asked to meet Ashley for the first time, he had no idea she would be theView full post »

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Cynthia & Christopher: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Sometimes the best indicator of a couple’s love, is their choice of song for their first dance. Frankie Valli andView full post »

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Caroline & Frank: Taking the Romance of Roses to a Whole New Level

The admiration of roses is one that has taken hold of many over the years. Petals wrapped delicately around a stem withView full post »

memories count love couple photography food ceremony reception

Andrea & Jeremy: Making Memories Count

What is the best thing about having a wedding? Is it the food, the glamour or the excitement? Well for Andrea andView full post »

Raj & Amrit: A Colourful Dream of a Wedding

When you walk into a colourful room, you can’t help but feel the affect it has on people. Rajinder and AmritView full post »

fairytale wedding lavimage love couple bride groom alena adam vera varley alesya kornetskaya new york montreal wedding photography canadian wedding

Alena & Adam: A Fairytale Wedding

Dazzling in her mother’s jewelry and a beautiful dress by Monique Lhuillier, Alena was definitely a bride toView full post »