With a background in fashion, Vera Varley has her own independent fashion photography businesses. She loves doing editorials and styled shoots for high-end wedding magazines.  Every editorial story involves a team of creative people: make-up artists, hairstylists, wardrobe stylists, creative props, artistic coordinators and of course, a talented model.

Fashion Photography

The style for fashion shoots differs from weddings because the concept for a fashion shoot is created beforehand.  All the shots are prepared and staged. It involves heavier lighting set-up and usually only one location and generally has a specific theme.

On a wedding day, a photographer needs to react to the environment and capture the real moments as quickly as they appear. Whereas during a fashion shoot the photographer is the creator of the scene. There are also many different looks involved in a fashion shoot – the model is likely to wear 6-8 different dresses or outfits.

How Our Background Helps Your Wedding Photos

With extensive experience in fashion photography, our eye is trained to see the glamorous shine of a supermodel in every bride. It helps us to capture at her best throughout the whole wedding day. We know how to chose the best angle and catch the best expression.

We capture the natural grace, the elegance and the sparkle in the eyes.

Your Wedding Day Fashion Shoot

Normally we devote 10-15 minutes on a wedding day to a beauty session with the bride. It usually happens in the morning right after the make-up and hair are finished and the dress is on.  It’s a relatively short session, but the results are fabulous. When photographing bridal portraits, we know what to say at the right moment so that the person in front of the camera fells relaxed and has as much fun as possible posing. Most brides put a lot of effort to look like true princesses on their wedding day, and they should be able to go back and remember how beautiful they looked.

We believe a little fashion session in the morning is essential to capture her beauty forever.