Every year we try to send our images out in the world. We are very proud to say that we earned numerous national and international awards in many different competitions with the concentration on a photo-journalistic style. Although getting awards is not our primary goal, it’s always a very pleasant reward.  We try to create images that have an artistic aesthetic to them, and when we succeed, we love to share them.

What to Look For In an Award-Winning Photo

Award winning photographs tell stories, catch people’s unexpected expressions, have beautiful color palettes, specific graphical elements and are full of great light.
Very often it’s just about an original moment. A beautiful instant that happens in the craziness of the events. Sometimes a really funny moment can become a great photo. In many competitions there’s even a category called “humor” where we can see some hilarious moments from the wedding day. Sometimes it’s about a very original style like abstract composition and crazy lighting. I think in our case we get most of our awards for capturing an emotion.

Do all of the your best images win awards?

Some do and some, on the other hand, don’t.  Our main objective is to capture the magic of the couple’s wedding day. We are not concentrating on creating a specific image for a specific contest. Every moment on a wedding day is a precious moment for the couple and it’s important to take images that describe the ambiance of the wedding, and not the photographers intentions to win a prize.
There are a lot of images that we adore that may not be award winning, but they give us shivers when we look at them. We were there and remember how intense and emotional this moment was for the couple. It’s like time stopped.

How do you chose images for competitions?

We select images once we know the theme of the contest. We look at all the weddings photographed recently to find the greatest match to that specific theme.
Sometimes a great image is not sent in just because there was no category for it announced in the photo contest.  It’s never certain which image will get an award.
Nevertheless, we put all our favorites from every wedding on our website and blog.