Courtney & Colin

Tip from Courtney: Have a meaningful object from another generation with you when you get married.

Stunning Jewish wedding at the Windsor Ballroom masterfully planed by Courtney’s mother and brilliantly orchestrated by Kristine Goulet. It was a lot of work and planning for the whole year. The result was fantastic.

Courtney looked stunning in her wedding dress made out of lace from White Montreal custom adjusted on her figure by Mila Rivkin. Courtney looked beyond beautiful. She looked so perfect that sometimes it was almost surreal.
Colin came to meet Courtney in the morning at her parent’s house. The meeting was extremely romantic and emotional. Colin watched in awe as Courtney came down the stairs in her stunning wedding gown.

We went to the Old port for the couple shots. The day was perfect and sunny, The couple looked gorgeous. We played with the sub and the shadows. My favorite image is when Courtney and Colin were standing in the sun and the bicycles were passing by in the shade. It looks very abstract and graphical.

The ceremony was at the Windsor ballroom. It was really beautiful at the and also very emotional. The rabbi was a woman which is a very rear thing to see in Montreal.
Under the Huppa, Courtney had a small bag attached to her bouquet. fro her mother, In this little bag there were the wedding rings from all the women of different generations of the family: grandmothers and great grandmothers all together representing over 300 years of marriage

The decor was stunning. There was furniture from Joe’s Props house, flowers and original great concepts from . A major attraction was the unusual photo booth solidly built from the wood. On the wall there were old pictures from all the weddings in the family. Guests could see all the grandmothers and grandfathers young in their wedding gowns on the wedding day.

Cinematography by Ioan Films can be seen here.

Wedding planning: Kristine Goulet

Props by Joe Props

Reception hall: Windsor Ballrooms