Lara & Ben – a gorgeous Wedding at the Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation

Lara & Ben

A gorgeous Wedding at the Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation

This beautiful Jewish wedding took place at the Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation –

Lara and Ben are full of sunshine and great energy. What an amazing wedding it was! They looked like a true prince and princess celebrating their timeless true love. This wedding was a true fairytale!

Getting ready for the action

In the morning The Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation was transformed into a mini fashion Saloon where make-up artist and hairstylist transformed the whole wedding party into the superstars. The window light beautifully filled the hall as Princess Lara prepared to get dressed. She looked stunning in her wedding gown wrapped in a beautiful daylight coming through the large windows. We did a few fashion portraits and she was ready to meet her prince who anxiously waited outside.

The First look

 The first look is one of my favorite moments of the day. It’s so exciting to see the reaction of the groom who sees his bride for the first time. Ben was in a total owe when he saw Lara. She was an absolute perfection. Blonde hair put into an elegant updo, blue eyes shining with love, elegant make-up and a royal dress that moved glamorously as Lara walked towards her future husband left everybody around speechless.

Old Westbury Gardens

Next step of our adventure was an Old Westbury Gardens. It was a perfect setting to continue our fairytale. Magical trees with twisted branches, colorful flowers, and stunning landscapes made it look as we were in a garden of an old Royal Castle. We had so much fun walking through this spectacular location taking epic images.

Ceremony at the Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation

When we returned, everybody at the Westbury Hebrew Congregation was waiting for us full of excitement. Mothers broke the glass plate and the Beddekhan wedding tradition began. Singing, dancing, clapping and lots of fun! Tears of joy! The ceremony was right after the signing of Ketubah. It was outside in the garden. The chuppah was elegantly decorated with flowers. I was a truly beautiful ceremony. Words were sad, prayers were sad and the glass was broken.


Suddenly a beautiful poetic ceremony transformed into the wild party. Lara and Ben’s energy kept the guests dancing non-stop. They were lifted on the chairs and thrown in the air! But that wasn’t enough! Circles and circles and more circles of happy people around the bride and groom. This night the hall at Westbury Hebrew Congregation was filled with lots of love and great vibes.