The Wedding Veil

The Wedding Veil

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Different cultures at different time periods have had a variety of wedding attires for men and women. In the west, the most famous accessory in female wedding fashion is, naturally, the veil. Mostly everyone knows that historically, the groom was not to set eye on his bride to be until the vows were spoken. But did you know that as early as Roman times brides, ever innocent, wore veils to protect them from evil spirits? The veil was also a symbol of humility before God during church ceremonies later on.

In our days, more often than not, couples getting married have known each other, or even lived together, well before the big day. We are also not as intimidated by evil spirits.

Yet the wedding veil still remains a popular choice for young women when they consider their wedding attire. And with so many choices out there, each bride has a chance to look unique: short veils, long veil, net veils, embroidered veils, layered veils, you name it!

Wedding veil as a photographic accessory

To some, the wedding veil invokes tradition; others see it as mysterious and romantic. La V Image photographers see the veil as the best wedding prop to getting stunning portraits. There is so much fun and opportunity with this simple accessory! A shorter veil, or even a net veil, can be used for a close-up portrait of the bride. Such as shot gives the feeling of intimacy and charm, as if the bride were saving all her beauty and secrets for her beloved husband on this special day.

A longer veil can be used for fun portraits and silhouette shots. Bride, groom and veil: all the ingredients that you need for a stunningly memorable photo.

What about the bride’s maids? They can act playful as the bride is getting ready. Instantly, the veil also underlines this beautiful friendship.

But have no worry, if you chose a more avant-garde look like flowers, feathers, or a wedding hat, your portraits will be no less breathtaking. After all, the main beauty of wedding day photos comes from the inner glow of the happy couple!