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La V image is an award winning wedding photographer studio with offices in New York City, Montreal and Toronto. We specialize in capturing beautiful natural moments of your wedding day. Our approach to wedding photography is a blend of wedding photojournalism, fashion and fine art. We’re proud to consistently produce photos that are glamorous and full of life.

The most unique situations on a wedding day happen at the most unexpected moments. As your wedding photographer, we are alert throughout the day to capture the unexpected expressions and their reactions of the important people present, while maintaining a subtlety that lets you forget we’re even there. A smile, a glance, a quick kiss or a little sigh shared between couples on their wedding day are all moments that happen quickly. These are the ones we aim to capture and freeze in time forever. The perfect photos that you will cherish forever only have a split second to be captured by your wedding photographer.

When a feeling is real – you know it.  When a picture is real – you feel it.

Any La V image wedding photographer works to create a visual narrative of real emotions and natural expressions that cannot otherwise be staged. Many years later when you (or your children) flip the pages of your beautiful leather wedding album, you are able to relive the magic of the day. Our photos bring back the energy, the tears and the joy of each moment.

Welcome to our world of wedding storytelling, where wedding stories begin with a connection between two people. We’d love to learn more about you, and know how we can help you capture your special day. Let's get in touch.

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