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Jennifer & Chris

Awesome Awesome Awesome!!! La V Image were great from start to finish. They captured everything that made our day amazing so that we can treasure the memories for a life time.
They are such a pleasure to work with!! Super creative and lots of fun to be around. The quality of their work is out of this world!

Sophie & Patrick

What a great experience! Wouldn’t of been the same without you guys! Thank you so much for everything!

Gersende & Jonathan

Nous sommes très satisfait par la qualité des photos que nous avons eu et par le professionnalisme de toute l’équipe de la V image. Les prises de vues sont dynamiques et émouvantes. Merci d’avoir immortalisé cette journée de rêve.

Marie-Lyne & Eric

Nous avons connu la V Image par l’entremise de notre Wedding planner, Maryse Noel (qui est aussi fantastique!). Bien que nous avions beaucoup d’options de photographes, la V image s’est démarquée par son originalité et ses photos très artistiques.

Maintenant que notre mariage est une histoire du passé, il ne nous reste que les photos comme souvenirs de cet évènement, qui fut malheureusement trop court. La V image a réussi à immortaliser cette journée avec ses très belles photos. La dépense pour ces photographes est tout à fait justifiée.

Quel excellent choix de photographes!!!!
Les photos dépassent toutes nos attentes, elles sont absolument magnifiques et reflètent tous les moments de la journée!
Nous recommandons la V image à tous les futurs mariés!!
Vera you are AMAZING

Nathalie & Jean-Francois

Nous avons vécu une super belle journée avec Phil et Laurent qui étaient gentils et disponibles et les photos sont incroyables!

Lan & Marc-Andre

Nous avons beaucoup aimé notre expérience avec Phil et Vera: professionnels, gentils et discrets lorsque appropriés pour la cérémonie. Les photos obtenues sont superbes! Nous recommandons fortement! Les photos sont très belles et nous sommes très satisfaits!

Tanie & Charles

What great service!
From start to finish , everything was as expected.
On our special day , the team felt like part of the family.
Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone for any special event.
Amazing job guys and thanks for making our day so much fun and memorable. These pictures will be enjoyed for a lifetime

Erica & Ivan

La V Image did a wonderful job with our wedding photos! Our pictures are natural, creatively taken, and absolutely beautiful. We are able to re-live the special moments of our wedding whenever we look at our pictures. The La V image team are professional and amazing at what they do. I highly recommend them.

Julie & Philippe 

Montreal Wedding Photography - Testimonial - 003

Je veux encore te remercier pour les superbes photos. Tu as su immortaliser le beau jour de ma jeune vie!! Tes photos sont si vivantes.. chacune d’elle est un vrai petit chef d’oeuvre.Le slide show a fait fureur… 

à bientôt, Julie la mariée qui joue au golf en talons!!

Laura & Nazim

Montreal Wedding Photography - Testimonial - 001Wedding photographer reviewsDear Vera, We just looked at the slideshow you put together for the first time…. and WOW.
The pictures are amazing!!! Thank you so, so so much for capturing such precious moments. We also really enjoyed seeing the 100 prints that you touched up.
The effects you used with the colors, the lighting and the surroundings made for such art work. We are truly thrilled. You are the best, Vera!
Mom comments this morning from my 2 sister-in-laws:
“Yes, truly amazing (and I mean this from the bottom of my heart). I’ve watched it three times already….Very artistic but not over the top.
Anyway, if you do talk to her, send her my warmest congratulations on her job. Very talented lady.””WOW. This slideshow is absolutely MAGNIFICENT.
I am very very very impressed with the quality and style…. You guys look stunning and sooooooo happy. She captured it well.”
“OMG!!! These were just absolutely wonderful!! I felt like in an American movie he he he… The photographer did an amazing job, but then the subjects were
both stunning and most importantly so happy,.

Alysa and Rob

Montreal Wedding Photography - Testimonial - 004 Wedding photographer reviewsDear Vera, Rob and I would like to send out a huge THANK-YOU to you and your team for helping make our wedding memories
last forever in the most vivid way possible. Choosing a photographer was one of the most important aspects to my wedding planning.
At the end of the day our pictures is what we have left to remember the beautiful moments of the evening.
You were able to capture each moment, each facial expression and each memory that will last us forever. Your artistic eye was able to t
ransform a simple and dull background into the most breathtaking photograph. You are a true artist! Anyone who has the opportunity to
work with you for their wedding will be just as lucky as we were, and those who don’t, will be missing out in a big way!

Deidra & Casey

Montreal Wedding Photography - Testimonial - 012 Wedding photographer reviewsDear Vera, When I first met you at your studio, I found you to be SO enthusiastic, warm and so sweet. Actually TOO sweet to be true! I thought you were
just being so nice to us in order to “romance us” to get the job. Boy was I ever wrong! You have always stayed true to our first impression, from the beginning
all the way to the end – going above and beyond our expectations and your job description. You always do more than is necessary (even acting as seamstress
when there were wardrobe malfunctions! ). To say we are delighted is an understatement!

Josy and Aws

Montreal Wedding Photography - Testimonial - 009 Wedding photographer reviewsJust wanted to let you know the photos that you took of our wedding in July are absolutely amazing! You made Aws and I look like movie stars!
Everyone keeps telling us how great they look and asking who the photographer was:) Some people have even confessed that they look at them over
and over because they like them so much. (and this is not even family members!)
Thank you for great memories. 

Deborah and Renaldo

Montreal Wedding Photography - Testimonial - 005 Wedding photographer reviewsThe fun in working together. The service, the quality and how we could just be ourselves and let them do their thing. Thanks again for great memories!



Jennifer & Clarel

Montreal Wedding Photography - Testimonial - 002 Wedding photographer reviewsHi , we are definitely enjoying the album- it’s beautiful. What I loved about La V image and La V cinema……everything!! I am so happy I chose you to shoot my
wedding pictures. The day of we never felt pressured or as if the photographers were in our face. In fact I almost felt as if they were invisible but yet the proof
is in the pictures- they were there snapping every important moment. The quality of the pictures and the wonderful ideas Vera had to get the perfect shot
made freezing my butt off all worth it!!! I unfortunately have nothing bad to say. I wish you guys all the best and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for
making my wedding pictures so absolutely beautiful.


Montreal Wedding Photography - Testimonial - 001-2 Wedding photographer reviewsGleb,
I watched it (the video) again. This time I noticed all the little cuts you made. It’s amazing man, you really capture some excellent emotions and sequence them just right.
Nothing random in there. In the time you have, running around in between all the action, it’s amazing you get what you get.
Killer. We can’t wait to show it to people, they will flip out.Ciao

Janine and Jean

Montreal Wedding Photography - Testimonial - 007 Wedding photographer reviewsI will start by saying that we both greatly enjoyed our experience with La V image and La V cinema.
We have recommended you to many of our friends and family. Also, when we compared our pictures and video to other couples we did not regret our decision!
The thing we loved the most is the personalized touch in both the video and pictures. They were original, artistic and absolutely beautiful.
Also we both felt very comfortable with Vera and Gleb which is important in order to look natural…
All in all, we are very happy we chose both La V image and La V cinema! Thank you,

Marc & Kato

Montreal Wedding Photography - Testimonial - 008 Wedding photographer reviewsGleb and Vera,
We looked at pics yesterday. The pics were awesome! It’s amazing how much was going on and how much energy there was. You can see it in the faces
of almost every pic. Kato and I will sit this week-end and relive together the whole thing. Thanks again to both of you, take care and we’ll talk soon,
We watched it (the video) Sunday night. We had the best night we have had in years. It was really simply amazing. No kidding, it was very exciting and of
course emotional to see all that on film, especially in the super cool, professional way you do it. You and Vera could charge twice as much as you do and it
would be worth it. No joke. We watched it, then all the features and speeches, then we watched it again. I’m sure you would like feedback about the details,
choice of shots, edits, music, etc but it’s impossible for us to judge that since the quality is so high and the subject is us, so we were mostly focused on that.
At first glance, there is nothing we can think of to modify. We spent the whole time enjoying and reliving the day seen through your artistic eyes and for us it
was perfect. You judge based on tears? Well we had them in the first minute and they didn’t go away until the end. Awesome.
Thanks man. Take it easy, we’ll talk soon,
P.S. Do we have to get married again to make another movie or can we do one anytime? Let me know, I can’t wait.

Paul & Que Chi

Montreal Wedding Photography - Testimonial - 011 Wedding photographer reviewsBonjour Vera!! Juste un petit mot pour dire que nos invités ont adoré le slideshow que tu as mis a la fin de la soirée et que mon cortège d’honneur surveille
ton blog de près!! Tout le monde a adoré ta personnalité et ton service!!! 1000 thumbs up for la V image!! =) Que-Chi
Vera les photos sont magnifiques!!!! On les adore! On a hâte de voir le reste! Merci beaucoup!